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fun fact: most adventurers in DnD are just extremely wealthy homeless people

Reminder friends: The term "all natural" used on food packaging has no legal definition. You could literally add used synthetic motor oil to something and still market it as "all natural."

@uxintro Usage of US spelling is never justified, neither left nor right. πŸ™‚

Related memory: I couldn't work out why my H1 on my first web page wouldn't centre. Turns out I was naturally going <centre> instead of <center>. Aussie spelling did me undone.

Just deleted my WordPress install. Thanks to a video from @ChrisWere I've decided to go back to hand-coded html. I'll copy over my exported markdown files to start and convert them as (and if) needed. First need to make an index page and hand-code an RSS feed. I feel like it's 1996 again.

FYI, I have successfully created a LSF install in the past (almost 20 years ago!) but didn't do much with it. Would be interested to see how it goes with all the advancements Linux has made in that time.

Looking for a project when I get home from working away. Likely will buy a new HDD to work on so I don't wreck my existing setup. What's your opinion (other hints accepted too)?

Carry yourself today with the confidence of the kind of Cockney who calls all men β€˜my son’ regardless of their age differential or their actual paternal-filial relationship

Wonder how many couples had to be talked out of using "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins for their couple's dance.

Worse, I wonder how many weren't.


Gross but important bathroom tip 

gab - fedilab - F-Droid (questions) 

This new bunch of -ists in the fediverse seem to have brought with them a bunch of acronyms, most of which go straight over my head. Anyone got a link to a translation page, or want to share meanings with a muggle like me? From context, I'm guessing OC is original character?

It is exciting to watch a busy and awesomely beautiful Local timeline flow at

Thank you to all you fantastic creators who share your work with the rest of us.

Funny that @selfcare_gentle 's tip was to not use my phone in bed tonight. Firstly, not going to happen. Secondly though, I have found the blue light filter on my phone. It's weird the way you turn it on and everything looks yellowy. Then you get used to it and when you turn it off in the morning, a perfectly white screen looks completely blue. Of course, I know that's the point, but it is freaky to see it in action.

Just watched Back to the Future... for about the 40th time in my life πŸ˜‚

What can I say... it's still as good as the first time I've seen it.

Just a thought: is it possible to filter out toots with non-captioned pictures out of your timeline? I'm not dependent on a screen reader or anything but Subway Tooter only gives me a small strip of the image which is often not enough to figure out why an image is there. And I'm lazy and I have enough trouble keeping up with my timeline as it is.

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