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Morning all! It's labour day here in Perth!

Here's to all the amazing benefits that movements of organised workers won for us!

Like: holidays, sick leave, worker's compensation, and ... the weekend!!

Opinions please... is allowing Pro users to change their username. I've been using it since '04 which is a little bit earlier than when I adopted my almost-universal username. Do I change it? Or keep it as is in honour of the 240,000+ scrobbles done under the old username?

Just swapped over to (window manager/desktop environment) on a recent system reinstall and am really liking it. Very lightweight but also very convenient with its keyboard-driven interface.

Any other users out there who want to share their particularly helpful key combinations?

Last week's scrobbles was up 58000%. That's what happens if you scrobble 1 track in a week. It probably would have broken if I hadn't scrobbled any...

TIL Isaac Asimov died of AIDS.

*T* *I* *L*

Honestly, I'm not living in the dark. Very online, real big nerd, full of scifi knowledge, and plenty of awareness of queer-linked history, such as the AIDS epidemic. I don't blame myself for not knowing this, I blame society for keeping it hidden.

I'm sorry @pelagikat but I am currently trying to stop myself from dancing along (at work too) to a live version of "Action This Day".

Thanks to those who make liberal use of for things they are tooting about a lot to allow us to filter them out if not interested. That's excellent fediverse etiquette.

P.S. Back to the Future is still a timeless masterpiece and Doc Brown still my friggin' icon.

Did anyone ever bother to do a Battlestar Galactica-themed "OK Boomer" meme?

Med adjacent 

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