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Step one of my done. More than 100 follows down on each of my two masto accounts.

I was one of those who would jump up and down and say that the third millennium (and the 21st century) did not start until 2001-01-01. However, seeing as we don't talk about the "3rd decade" but "the 20s" I'm more than happy to say that a new decade starts tomorrow.

And I am super happy for that. The "noughties" was nothing. And we had no cool way to refer the last decade ("the teens", "the tens"?). I've missed being able to say the *-ties.


There's some woo that is just so far out that I wonder if it's even real... For example, actual flat earthers. Yet here I am, not three metres away from a stall promoting .

And that's 21:00, not 2100 CE in case anyone's preparing smart-arsed replies ๐Ÿ˜†

I'm stuck at work until 2100. The doctors' surgery next door closed hours ago. But on the positive front, I got to buy some tea from the Indian place next door. And now I'm listening to The Who at an inappropriately loud volume.

Those who purchase downloadable music (as opposed to streaming)... What's your favourite source? I love bandcamp but obviously it's limited in what it sells. For mainstream stuff, would you prefer apple, or google, or amazon? Or something else?

I should unfollow people who seem more like repost bots than actual people here

Testing out Hills Cider with Ginger. Approve, though the 8% alcohol was a surprise.

Watching my favourite Christmas movie, Bernard and the Genie. And only just realised it's written by Richard Curtis, who happens to have written my second favourite, Love Actually (amongst many other things).

Mi aลญskultis la podkaston "Talk the Talk" (@talkthetalk) kaj mi feke ลategas ฤin. Temas pri lingvoj, iru tuj aลญskulti.

My gopher hole gets bigger... Transferred an old blog post with the intention of writing an update sometime soon.


ban accounts that only crosspost from birdsite to mastodon

most countries have universal healthcare but america is a pvp server

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