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High shame I'm not being cuddled right now.

"Nazis are socialists" is on the same level of advanced logic as "the Holy Roman Empire was holy and Roman"

A coworker was telling my GF today about a popular "immune booster". And then suggested that I (as a pharmacist) would tell her how great it was. She knew me better than that, and I didn't disappoint. I thought I was very polite in saying "I don't have much time for it" (and also not describing it as a so-called "immune booster" in the first sentence of this toot).

Other Aussie peeps... anyone able to explain country NSW's obsession with reverse angle parking? I know you get used to what's normal but it just seems dumb to me. And unique to that area (as big as it is). Not in the cities, not in WA and if I remember rightly, not in any other states I've travelled through.

Tradition is peer pressure from dead people.

In related news, I really should finish watching Discovery s02.

I clearly haven't been paying attention. Watched the preview for "Picard" today and was all set to go hunting to book tickets for opening night when I clicked that it'll be in Amazon Prime. Streaming really is cutting into all sorts of other markets, isn't it?

I think I'm going to shoot for doubling my listenership this season. If your not listening to Plus or Minus (#plusorminuspod) maybe give it a go. Its the only #Podcast dedicated to the #Fudge #Roleplaying #Game. #FudgeRPG is an #OGL game system using a simple to understand adjective based system for character stats, and an interesting #dice mechanic which focuses on character ability. Listen at

If you are a listener please boost this to reach a larger audience. Thanks.

I've wasted enough time on this... (as an instance admin) I seem to have lost the spot in my preferences where I can block instances. Can someone help? /cc @mike ?

Hot take: my favourite Rutger Hauer movie is "Salute of the Jugger".

Of course, I like the idea of Twitter ActivityPub-ing so that we could tag or follow Twitter users (should we be so inclined) but until that happens...

It's appropriate for folks to post tweets unedited from Twitter onto the fediverse without any intention of interaction. This includes bots and anyone who tags people as

Make a folder on your computer or an album on your phone and save images there that make you smile.

Shit, they're right. I've just look at my top artists on Of my top 50, I've got Faith No More at #10 (Chuck Mosely was black/native american/jewish) and Thin Lizzy at #42 (Phil Lynott was black). So unless there's a hidden bass player of colour in there somewhere, that's a lot of white dudes.

Not just that, I think Spotify think my musical taste is a bit too white. Funk, hip-hop, 50s & 60s black singers (boys and girls), bit of motown. I thought I was fairly diverse in my tastes, but maybe not.

Apparently Spotify think I haven't been listening to enough Funk πŸ˜†

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