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@MattHatton Given that the 19 in COVIDF-19 refers to 2019, it's a time travelling virus too.

We're fucked.

Do you think there are a bunch of preppers out there at the moment saying "I told you so"?

@dirtycommo I'd play it. Of course, I went to "Wassup Dog" in Freo just because of the name too.

Reminded today about how appropriate the 1st Tenet () is right now: "One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason."

tl;dr: What you do affects other people. Don't be a dick.

Radio playing Stevie Wright's "Evie". What are the chances I get to hear all 3 parts?

Speaking of stupid people, just got accosted by an honest-to-God flat earther. The conversation started with him asking if I thought the COVID-19 pandemic was real. Fuck me.

covid-19, stupid people 

In doing some research, I found a WHO document with instructions on bulk making a hand sanitiser. It's mostly ethanol (or isopropyl alcohol). I made a small batch (because I work in a pharmacy with a compounding lab and I can do that sort of stuff) and it seems pretty good. Very liquid (only a token amount of glycerol and nothing gel-like).

Made me think, if you use it properly, you could just use metho.

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Well, this is a new one.

I just received (through my Esperanto club's account) a very detailed 419-scam email, written in perfect .

I think I might print it out and take it to the next meeting as a translation exercise πŸ˜†

@koosli @MattHatton Go nuts as in finding it hilarious? Or go nuts as in fucking that guy?

covid-19, stupid people 

Dark Lord save us all.

Had someone in the pharmacy today suggesting that they would just make some of their own hand sanitiser. Going to use aloe vera, witch-hazel and some essential oils. No mention of anything, you know, sanitising! And wouldn't be told that soap and water works pretty well.

I'd make a comment about a Darwin award winner, but other people are going to get sick because of that stupidity too.


Has anyone else noticed the complete absence of advice to take "an immune booster" to help fight off the disease?

I wonder why that is?


Any Subway Tooter users here? It's been my favourite fedi client for some time but I'm running into problems with links in toots refusing to open. A pop up pops up and only shows "cancel" and nothing about opening it. I have a work around but it's a pain.

Failing any solution, anyone else want to sell me on their favourite client?

/cc @SubwayTooter

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