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a thing americans do that irritates me 

a thing americans do that irritates me 

@sweetmercury I declare it's the only way you can be sure of intelligent conversation.

Lost today. Given that I work in retail I've probably done well to get this far.

@LungLeg Agreed. Was worried you knew something about a breakup that I didn't.

@interneteh Well, that's a gap in your education filled. I remember doing exercise classes to it when I was in primary school...

> what's an "oxford comma", and where can i get one

There you go...

@mike there's still the empty house on the other side, right?

Don't crosspost your RT from Twitter 2020 challenge.

Celebrity death 

@dirtycommo Dug a little gopher hole. All that's there atm is an about page and a phlogroll which only has a link to your phlog. But gotta start somewhere, right?

@liamvhogan I heard them on @craigmaloney 's Open Metalcast (last year I think?). Was impressed and then read their backstory. Very metal.

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