@wraidd More traditionally, you'd use vir- as a prefix (eg vir-ŝafo for a ram). But the parentismo words are intended to be used with -in- or -iΔ‰- if you want a gendered word.

@wraidd No, -iĉ- is only a proposal, and a controversial one at that. If you use it, there'd be a mix of those who wouldn't know, those who do, and those who do but don't like it... I'm told it's quite common (along with the ri pronoun) at youth congresses but I'm no longer in a demographic that can vouch for that!

@wraidd Check out this list from @Vanege :


It's a list of alternate, ungendered nouns to replace those that are (by definition, all nouns that are do do with family relationships or noble titles are male).

The problem is (as is see it): to change anything from the Fundamento (which includes the word list and usage) makes the usage kontraux-fundamento (and effecively, no longer Esperanto). Adding stuff, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable...

@wraidd I'd dispute that it's "inherent" sexism, though it certainly is "apparent". Though the difference there is subjective anyway, so not sure why I mentioned it...

I've never come across -ic- before, is it meant to be an alternative to -in-? To answer the other question, viricxo has no (sensible meaning), it would simply mean a male man.

The best solution (IMHO) to the sexism issue is parentismo - where we use neutral nouns in place of the gendered ones and then add affixes as needed.

when i die my only true regret will be the contents of my drafts folder

Padmus Ironjaws

The first new character for the Golden Diamond Campaign is all set to go.

Here's a new character for a campaign I'm starting up soon. It's going to be solo first, then probably play-by-post or similar and then who knows, maybe I'll actually get to play in person some day.


@pelagikat It's not like it isn't obvious or anything *hides head in shame*

I think I need to hand in my Queen super-fan card. After almost 35 years of listening to it, I've only just realised that Brian May sings the first first of "Who Wants to Live Forever".

Unapologetically and unironically listening to one of my favourite albums of all time "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" (Frankie Goes to Hollywood).

@koosli I understand why they might assume a need to be on facebook - it's got the biggest user base, after all. But to ONLY have it, that's what pisses me off.

Just a little vent... Why is that so many left/socialist "things" (groups, media, podcasts etc) insist that the way to engage with them is "through our facebook group"? Not something here on the fediverse, not an RSS feed, not an email address... No, we need to engage through one of the worst examples of the capitalist world when all we want to do is to smash it. </vent>

it's easy to forget the fediverse is a place only for people with incredibly high intellect. not every butzzfeed reporter can be a brain genius like us

@LydiaConwell Just a guess, but I reckon you'd reach getting-unfollowed-or-worse-blocked pretty quickly.

@koosli it's because he needed to stay warm. Bit hotter at Perth zoo.

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