@SeventhMagpie It's not exactly what you want (you'd need a new tab for it) but Mastoview lets you check out other timelines: unmung.com/mastoview

@fluffy I hope they don't want to run Masto in it, because it won't federate with anyone now.

WTF? Auspol 

@SierraKiloBravo They're welcome to Rusty. And as long as I get to eat pavlova and drink flat whites I don't mind who gets the credit.

@oxyhime Not speaking for all cishet guys, but if it's as Very Goodℒ️ as you say, then I'd be impressed and amused rather than creeped out.

I think my favourite feature of Mastodon is the way I have seen it completely fail to thread Toots. This is a blessing. If I wanted to read your blog post I'd go to your blog. Chill with the threads. Get out of that habit. Stop.

Sure, I was uncool in junior high school. But look at me now. Look how many followers I have on mastodon. 😏

@Nikolai_Kingsley @uxintro It really depends on the context. Generally the context of Unaustralian is that "I don't like you" and that's just dumb.

Honestly I don't know how I used the internet before I got a password manager. Biggest lifehack to recommend to non-technical friends and family.

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