So this moron will be using her so-called โ€œinfluenceโ€ to speak for asylum seekers once the pandemic subsides?


Perth influencer Jessica Pinili attacks isolation laws, alleging quarantine in five-star hotel โ€˜worse than being a prisonerโ€™

Quote from the last episode of Picard that seems appropriate in our current climate:

"Fear is an incompetent teacher"

@mike @Nikolai_Kingsley @Andrea I hope you're wearing your glasses looking at that tiny screen ๐Ÿ™‚

poll, Australian stage 2 restrictions 

covid-19, trading hours, nsw 

covid-19, trading hours, nsw 

Art V Science
Magic Fountain

Trying not be the dancing pharmacist in the window that everyone on the street can see in this time of night.

@chakuari@mastodon.bida.I'm I only went with with i3 because I'd read more about it (so almost randomly). I've not been disappointed though.

@MattHatton Probably no point explaining what the term "dog whistle" actually means, is there?

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