🎼🎢🎡 You are the biggest thing since powdered milk ... 🎼🎡🎢

So now, my church: at home, listening to Budgie at inappropriate volume on the turntable and drinking a cheat's martini.

@melissasage I hate that (probably accurate) thought. If we (australia) aren't blindly following the US, we're blindly following the UK. So we're probably next.

@melissasage I'm guessing most of those who voted for (against?) health insurance are USAians.

It's like being at a church service. I'm having flashbacks.

And now, I'm sitting at a carols by candlelight which I thought was being run by the rotary club and it turns out it's actually the baptist church.

In my past life as a Christian, I disliked Christmas because I thought it was too secular/pagan. Now, as an atheist, I dislike it because it's too Christian. Poor Christmas, there's just no pleasing some people.

@interneteh Imagine it... replace every statue of a confederate general with a statue of Dolly ☺

@mike Just found out my shift's been cancelled for today. It would be better if it wasn't because of the bushfire.

@pelagikat Following. With telstra atm but they've given me the shits over an account issue. Network is great, but really want to tell them to shove it.

First day at my new job. Have had to evacuate thanks to the bushfire.

@LungLeg I'm having my first listen to "The Desaturating Seven (2017)" right now. Is good (unsurprisingly).

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