Look, I'm usually one of the world's foremost lovers of cover versions. But after listening to Megadeth's cover of Sabbath's "Never Say Die" I really need a palate cleanser in the form of the real version. Something really wrong with Mustaine's vocals in that. And given that his target was only to sing vaguely as well as Ozzy, that's a real problem.

And, as a point of balance, I do like their cover of "Paranoid", so it's not them in general, just that track in particular.

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The masters of those sorts of covers however, are .

These are just the ones I'm particularly familiar with:

Queen, Stone Cold Crazy
Iron Maiden, Remember Tomorrow (sooo good)
Budgie, Breadfan
Dio, Ronnie Rising Medley (Stargazer, Tarot Woman, Kill the King, A Light in the Black)
Thin Lizzy, Whisky in the Jar
Deep Purple, When a Blind Man Cries

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