covid-19, trading hours, nsw 

Just heard NSW has implemented changes that allow pharmacies (hence my interest) and supermarkets to trade 24/7, allowing people access to essential products around the clock.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but I don't understand... what does this achieve?

covid-19, trading hours, nsw 

@uxintro spreading the number of people over 2-3x as many hours?

Only thing I can think of.

Not sure how a pharmacy is going to achieve that though, unless all staff work longer hours, or fewer staff per shift?


covid-19, trading hours, nsw 

@Andrea I suppose it does just give you the option of extending the hours, maybe not all the way to 24/7 if you find you're stretched during a normal trading day with all the extra spacing, cleaning and restocking etc that we're all needing to do.

covid-19, trading hours, nsw 

@uxintro I'd much prefer to go do my shopping at 2am if it meant there were only going to be a few other people in the shop at the same time.

I did my chemist run last week, (normal), and I really felt for the chemist and staff, apologizing to me when things weren't available. Fortunately nothing that I needed desperately, or couldn't do without, in a pinch.

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