Aussie Brains Trust, I need you...

I've been looking for this band for ages and I know some of you are around my vintage so may have heard of them. They were an Australian band, called "The Tribe". They won some competition (I'm thinking New Faces but I could be wrong) and then released an album. I'm pretty sure the album was called "War Cry" (and if it wasn't, at least one of the songs on it was). I had a Bali-copy of it on cassette back in the day but that's long gone.


Female lead singer. If I remember rightly, she was darker skinned but I had no clue about ethnicity in those days so that probably doesn't help.

There was another song I remember that had a line along the lines of "I want to be a millionairess..."

I'm thinking it would have been released 1985 (I went to Bali end of that year and that's when I would have got my copy) though it could have been a year or two before.

@LydiaConwell @loke You are the best. I'd love to find the album but even this at least lets me know what I wasn't crazy. I tried musicbrainz but didn't think to look on discogs.

@sthaydn @dadegroot If I've learned one thing today, it's that Discogs is the place to go when I'm searching for info about music.

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