really were an amazing band. Rocking out to "Mercedes Ladies" atm. Did they ever gain much attention overseas?


Though they had enough that did a cover of "Women in Uniform" โœŠ

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@uxintro Shirl gave the graduation speech when my husband finished high school. Pretty cool!

@koosli @uxintro Strauks.

If he was also stalking people in their dreams or dead at the time, it never came up.

@mike You might be further away from 50 than you made it seem... I'm 47, and Freddie M. didn't die until my 2nd year of uni...

@uxintro you're right, I thought he died in 1989 for some reason. Also I'm really fuzzy on what order I attended which high school so I think my Mercury reference was waaaay out of whack.

Also 47, here. ๐Ÿ˜€

@mike Memory tends to go as you approach the big five-oh โ˜บ

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