It's been a good 12 year run for me with #Ubuntu, but when my new work desktop PC gets here I'm going full time to #Debian.

I've been wavering back and forth for a while but yeah I reckon it's time to leave them to whatever the fuck they're doing now.

It used to be that they were the distro that smoothed out a lot of the quirks and issues I had, now it feels they're the cause of most of them.


@mike Now that stable has Firefox quantum, I'm perfectly content with Debian.

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@uxintro It's weird, and I feel it marks a failing in me, as a person, but I just don't like using Firefox. I'm married to Chrome.

I know.

I know.



@mike I've only recently swapped back. But now that they've got the ability to sandbox your logins to FB, Google etc I don't think I could go back.

@uxintro I know all the cool things about it, I just can't get past little things in the UX that annoy the crap out of me whenever I use it.

Can't even tell you a problem off the top of my head. Just end up swearing every time I use it.

Oh plus I love opening pages in fixed windows like applications. That's half my desktop at any given moment.

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