This new bunch of -ists in the fediverse seem to have brought with them a bunch of acronyms, most of which go straight over my head. Anyone got a link to a translation page, or want to share meanings with a muggle like me? From context, I'm guessing OC is original character?

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So, I got no joy here (though @Nikolai_Kingsley 's theory was interesting) but 2 girls 1 podcast to the rescue...

@uxintro "OC" might stand for "Original Content". You might try for help with the younglings' acronyms.

@russsaidwords Yeah, urban dictionary matches what I got from the podcast. It is Original Character but in the context of an existing fandom/universe.

@russsaidwords It's weird I didn't think to look there. Usually it's my first port of call for TLAs I don't know. Maybe it was the art-related aspect that made me think of it differently.

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