Recommendations for client. FOSS-preferred. Multi account and identity needed. Want a good search or similar function (mostly to have a good view of starred/flagged emails). Been using Aquamail to decent effect but it lets me down on the search side.

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@dazinism I've been playing with K9. It seems good but I can't figure out my search issue. I want to search for "is:starred" or something similar but that doesn't work and I can find any "advanced search" info in the documentation. For now, I can use the "all messages" folder and make it show the starred messages first. Which works but it's not pretty. You got any suggestions?

Dont think I know any more.
I heard something about a newer development version, with quite a few changes, some months back, but that hasnt landed on Fdroid yet. Also not sure if it'd have any more features you are looking for.
Guess you could find out more via their github

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