Oh dear: “High court rules public servants can be sacked for political social media posts”.

Of course, the root cause is that their employment contacts specified they aren't allowed to speak out against the government.




@mjog This emphasizes the point in the ABC article I posted earlier. It's those contacts that are fucked. And like it or not, these public servants are in the same position as Israel Folau.

@uxintro Agreed about the contacts, but disagree about Folau. He was sprouting hate speech and it was right to dump him for it.

@mjog Of course, he's a despicable human being trying to present himself as a martyr. But Bernstein's point is that it is not the place of an employer to dictate the behaviour of an employee off the clock. And the argument has simply been "he broke his contract". If there was a more obvious (legal, maybe) route to punish him for hate speech, that would be a different story.

@uxintro Again, compelely disagree. It's everyone's job to de-platform people who produce and disseminate hate speech. This is orthogonal to contractual obligations. Sacking him was the right thing to do since once the controversy blows over, he will be in a greatly reduced position to push his harmful agenda.

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