when i die my only true regret will be the contents of my drafts folder

Padmus Ironjaws

The first new character for the Golden Diamond Campaign is all set to go.

Here's a new character for a campaign I'm starting up soon. It's going to be solo first, then probably play-by-post or similar and then who knows, maybe I'll actually get to play in person some day.


I think I need to hand in my Queen super-fan card. After almost 35 years of listening to it, I've only just realised that Brian May sings the first first of "Who Wants to Live Forever".

Unapologetically and unironically listening to one of my favourite albums of all time "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" (Frankie Goes to Hollywood).

Just a little vent... Why is that so many left/socialist "things" (groups, media, podcasts etc) insist that the way to engage with them is "through our facebook group"? Not something here on the fediverse, not an RSS feed, not an email address... No, we need to engage through one of the worst examples of the capitalist world when all we want to do is to smash it. </vent>

it's easy to forget the fediverse is a place only for people with incredibly high intellect. not every butzzfeed reporter can be a brain genius like us

Decided this needs to play on my sonos speaker rather than my (pretty crappy) PC speaker.

Mention of deceased Aussie legend. Also mention of not-completely-legal file sharing. 

The Demolition Man

Another old post, this one with some very bad and very unsubtle poetry (Gopher)

Nostalgia trip has been triggered

An old post, just talking about pleasant wastes of time creating RPG characters

In a music mood

A bit of a follow up to the previous post, this time specifially nostalgic gaming music.

What's your opinion on a good "beginner" language for me to start learning?

- It's not for a specific purpose, I'm not looking to increase employment opportunities or anything, I just like getting computers to do stuff.
- I understand a decent amount of the basics but most of my "coding" consists of bash/batch scripting and html/css.
- I took some CS courses 2 decades ago and did introductory C++ and Pascal but I'm sure there's none of that left in my memory.

100 boosts and I'll put "Wankie Tankie" in my description

Friendly reminder to please not crosspost Retweets etc. from Twitter on Mastodon.

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