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Just a little vent... Why is that so many left/socialist "things" (groups, media, podcasts etc) insist that the way to engage with them is "through our facebook group"? Not something here on the fediverse, not an RSS feed, not an email address... No, we need to engage through one of the worst examples of the capitalist world when all we want to do is to smash it. </vent>

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Repeat after me, pharmacy clients: There. Is. No. Such. Thing. As. An. Immune. Booster.

i lost an argument with a cactus once 

it had a lot of good points

Nobody owes you an explanation for why they block you. But if you need a reason, roll 1d10 or choose from the list.

Your blocker finds you:

1- too obnoxious
2- too offensive
3- factually correct, but annoying
4- remind them of their hated great-aunt
5- post too much about food
6- too gleeful
7- too non-sequitur-ous
8- too obsessed with Star Trek, quilting, Satan, and/or toenails
9- too much
10-roll twice more.

I hope having an answer brings you peace. Move on. :flan_thumbs:​ :flan_cool:​

Thanks to @hypolite I'm having a little play with over at @uxintro

It's an account that will self destruct in a week. Feel free to interact with it but don't be surprised if I disappear πŸ˜†

lazyweb, activitypub & federation 

Thanks all for your input.

@fla - I was clearly imagining things, but I thought I'd read that diaspora did now federate.

Perhaps I misremembered and was actually thinking about Friendica, thanks @hypolite ... I wasn't actually planning to find a one-stop fedi service, but that is worth looking into.

And thanks for the hubzilla tip @lightone , I didn't realise it was an optional plugin thing. I'll have a look into that.

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lazyweb, activitypub & federation 

I'm having a play with a new account and my ancient * account, and trying to get all the -ing things to work together.

But I can't for the life of me work out how to follow a masto account from hubzilla or diaspora any other combination of the three. I've long since resigned myself to no longer working (until and unless they implement AP).

Any hints or tips or references for me out there?

More etymological arguing 

Another interesting little discussion (this time about midday) about etymology vs current use. Also a small amount of pedantry.

/cc @becauselangpod

Finally watched "Yesterday" over the weekend. So right now am obsessed with , McCartney, Lennon and Harrison music.

What the hell, might even throw on some Starr.

Swear adjacent 

How can they have listed problematic slang and missed out "bugger"?

Of course, as @becauselangpod taught me, it's usage that gives meaning, not etymology.

I set up my if anyone is interested. It's only got the obligatory "Hello, world" at the moment...

I'm using "uxintro" at

/cc @buckket (Thanks for your links...)

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appeared in my timeline yesterday. It sounds really interesting. Is anyone around here already using it, because I'd really like to have a play?

Is this to do with COVID-19 or is this just an case of WA's awesome "we don't need you billionaire c**nts" law?

PS Sadly, Twiggy and Gina were grandfathered in before the law came into force.

It's time for another based

@vidak (an that's a new account since last time)

@becauselangpod (Podcast team, also a new account)

And @Longtimecoming is a newbie, so be nice. I'm sure her account will be full of controversial opinions very soon. (Technically, not a Perthie, but still in WA).

And as always, expat wave to @koosli

It's a link to the West Australian. Sorry. 

Holy shit, that's a big storm. Karratha to Albany? That's basically 2,000km.

And lucky you @Longtimecoming , it says it's going to hit Carnarvon first πŸ˜†

I think there is a lonely dog left alone in its back yard somewhere around here.

The Devil You Know (album)
Heaven and Hell (ie. Dio-era Sabbath with the serial number filed off).

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