WTF? Auspol 

I think my favourite feature of Mastodon is the way I have seen it completely fail to thread Toots. This is a blessing. If I wanted to read your blog post I'd go to your blog. Chill with the threads. Get out of that habit. Stop.

Sure, I was uncool in junior high school. But look at me now. Look how many followers I have on mastodon. 😏

Honestly I don't know how I used the internet before I got a password manager. Biggest lifehack to recommend to non-technical friends and family.

Looks like my fediversary is the 17th (from 2017). Thanks to @Gargron for the first post tip (of course, this post was a few instances ago).

PS Unaustralian is still my least favourite adjective.

Should be illegal to sit next to someone in an empty train car

Just did my first video blog post. It's in , so it probably won't be of any interest to most of you but I still wanted to show it off. On . Of course.

Only thing worse than not having answer to the "Why is it not working?" is, once you fix it, not having answer to the "Why is it working?". #ThoughtsAndPrayers πŸ’©

My first attempt at a landscape style drawing on my iPhone 5 with my finger lol πŸ˜‚

art doodle

How about GNU Guix? Because I'm not needing it as a main OS perhaps it would be an interesting new thing to learn.

Looking for a project when I get home from working away. Likely will buy a new HDD to work on so I don't wreck my existing setup. What's your opinion (other hints accepted too)?

So, I got no joy here (though @Nikolai_Kingsley 's theory was interesting) but 2 girls 1 podcast to the rescue...

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